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Re: A/C compressors, is there something better?

Originally posted by Astroman
Ok, 1981 300SD...Here in PHX it's a necessity to have the a/c working, and I've had a new compressor installed, new receiver-drier, the system vacuumed, cleaned, vacuumed again, and charged twice! (including two new compressors!!). After about 2 days the compressor starts clattering and clanging like I threw 2 rods through the engine! It still cools well, but at an idle it sounds so bad people look at me scared when I park next to them! Belts tight, bolts tight. Who knows what's happening? Like I said, this happened twice in a row. I might add that I'm set up on 134a, and a Nippondenso (I guess) compressor. Is there anything more modern/quiet/reliable to put on? These are what the Mercedes guys sold me, so I figured they would work best, but it's getting expensive to keep doing this. The compressors are warranteed, but the labor and a/c service adds up!...On a brighter note, this forum has been outstanding in helping me diagnose and solve the rest of my problems, thanks people!
I had a somewhat similar problem. I got my A/C system converted to R134a and I replaced the compressor, receiver-drier, had the system vacuum and then charged. Two months later, I was driving around town and the belt snapped ( I heard it). The mechanic told me the compressor had locked up. So I got a warranty replacement but I still had to pay for labor to get the entire system setup again. Then after all that was done, a week later (actually just yesterday) the compressor started making all the same noises yours was making, and yes, while idling at a traffic light people in other cars looked funny at me. So I took the car back to the mechanic and all he needed to do was tighten the belts and the noise disappeared.

Just take the car back to the people that did the compressor replacement and tell them about the noise. It could just be a loose belt like on mine. Good luck.
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