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If the system is not THOROUGHLY and TOTALLY flushed CLEAN, the new compressor is destined to fail, period, end of story.

If it is noisy, it might run a long time making noise, or it may quit before you can make it to the office this morning. Either way, replacement and flushing will cost the same. It would be a good idea to seek out and find a suction side filter and install in the low side line leading to the compressor. Even if you do that, flush it anyway.

BTW, to answer your original question, yes there are beaucoup compressors better than the R4. This was a terrible choice by MB IMHO. That said, it's not worth the trouble to retrofit with a different compressor. Either way you MUST flush. It will be MUCH cheaper to seek out a NEW, not rebuilt R4. If the system is properly flushed, you can make it live for a long time, even longer if you will spend an extra 50 bucks or so for R12 when you do the job. You will have to flush and replace r/d anyway, it would be a great time to put it back together properly.

Good luck,
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