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More confusing by the minute

Thanks You Guys for attempting to help but something isn't just right here. First off I know this engine probably was replaced from the original, and is still a non-turbo 617.912 at least the engine number proves it to be. The problem I am facing while reading these posts is this. The check valve looking item that Dr parts speaks about has no vacuum line going to the injection pump. The only line currently on the pump is the shutoff vacuum line on the rear of the pump. There is some sort of vacuum looking housing mounted on top of the injection pump with a metal tube coming off the side which looks like it should have some type of vacuum tube slipped onto it, but it doesn't. The same housing also has a screw on top of it for some type of adjustment. This item I wish someone would explain to me. Steve as an answer to your statement. If I leave the tranny in "D" from a dead stop it shifts twice only, which tells me it's starting out in second gear, very slowly I might add. If I manual put it in "L" I know I am starting in fisrt gear, and then shifting it to "S" it shifts to second and third, then moving it to "D" it goes into fourth.
I don't know if that helps determine any problems, but just to clarify what is actually happening. What's the vacuum looking actuator on top of the Injection pump for, and should there be a vacuum line hooked to it? If so where should the vacuum come from, before or after the check valve looking item?

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