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Just changed the oil, oil filter, and both primary and secondary fuel filters (one's a spin-on and the other basically a screen housed in the spin-on's filter head.
I've done this before on this car (1997 E300D), my previous Mercedes, and my diesel Ford truck many times, so I know about air in the fuel lines and to fill the fuel filter before installation. I also know to expect a little rough running as the air is purged. This time something went wrong. The car ran for a while and died. We restarted it, and it ran for a while again. We shut it off, or tried to and it acted like it didn't want to shut down. Now it won't start at all. Got a check engine light. Hooked up a reader and the car has set code P0215, which is "Engine Shutoff Solenoid Malfunction". I erased the code. The filters are full. The car is full of fuel. We have even tried the owner's manual instructions regarding "running out of fuel" to no avail. What have we possibly caused by changing the fuel filters, or servicing the car?

We've done this before with no problems. I will have the car towed to my favorite Tech's shop tomorrow. The way it's going with this car, I expect to receive both a Birthday card and a Christmas card from him this year. My last Mercedes was "bullit-proof". Not this one.

Any suggestions? I feel frustrated and pretty much foolish.

Thanks in advance for anyone's help.

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