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Wm. Lewallen
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Every thing you say about MB antifreeze makes sense to me. Every thing I read about all the other brands of antifreeze also makes sense to me.
We all know Ashland Oil's Valvoline division makes the Mercedes antifreeze Glysantin G05. Ashland Oil's main refinery is in Ashland,Ky.
Did you know that Prestone is owned by Honeywell? It is, and now General Electric is dickering to buy Honeywell.GE is the company that says "We bring good things to life". With a moto like that, do you think they would want to buy a company making that Pee-Green stuff that is destroying 80% of the cars on US highways? GE is an old and reliable company. I think highly of them. They have been good to me.
Do you think we should sell our shares of GE stock, if they realy do start selling the Pee-Green stuff. Remember, They bring good things to life.
Bill Lewallen Lexington,Ky. Home of Valvoline. The maker of MBs antifreeze.
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