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Bill, Bill, Bill...

Please, slow down long enough to read all of the threads that have been posted about this subject?

I for one, respect your viewpoint, and experience. But this is a new day, and there is plenty of time for us "old dogs" to learn the "new tricks". I have already answered your questions, and you at least seem to be impressed with my answers and ability to do the research, so why not both read, and consider the information I have compiled? I respect your ability to reason, and your wisdom to know what's right and wrong.

Decide for yourself, but share what you have learned from considering ALL of the information available to you.

And, GE may change the way that things are done at Prestone, but I believe that the die has already been cast, and the age of "GREEN" coolant is already coming to an end as we exchange these ideas....

BTW, GE has the BEST (and lowest) auto insurance rates going! Forget GEICO, Progressive, and all of the others... Check them out if you want to pay less for auto insurance. Their policies are written by Colonial Penn Franklin Insurance Company in Fort Washington, PA: 1-800-269-6335.

Get a quote, save some money, and send it to me!
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