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If a/c on, car stalls at low speed & stops

I need help diagnosing the cause of the stalling in my automatic, 1992 300TE 4Matic wagon. It has only recently starting stalling, and seems to only do so when the air conidtioning is on. However, it does not always stall with the a/c on, but it has never stalled when the a/c is off, so it makes me think there is some connection between the two. Also, the car only stalls when it is at idle, or just as gas is applied to leave a stop, and once it stalled when I was slowing down for a stop, (under 5 mph). However, the car will start right back up again and then may not stall again for the rest of the day, or, it may stall several times more. Needless to say, it is very frustrating and annoying!

I have searched the archives for a possible cause, but there are no postings that relate it to the a/c. Most involve the mass air sensor, OVP relay, etc., but the symptoms of other posters don't match mine. So, rather than throwing $$ at it blindly, I thought I'd see if anyone thinks/knows if the a/c could be a cause, by voltage drainage, bad relay, loss of vaccum or what. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

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