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We have a 79 280CE- Silver w/Navy Interior. We bought this car with a locked up motor for $1300.00. We replaced the motor with a used motor and have $800.00 in that. We have changed the plugs, wires, dist cap & roto button on the car. But for some reason the Idle is still erractic and the throttle is unresponsive. We have taken the car to a local mechanic who does work on MB. They are running a compression test on the car and we are hoping to get some idea of what it will cost to get her road ready.

Our question is this? Is this car worth keeping?? We like it- it is very pretty with great paint and the interior is in good condition with only a few minor things that need repair- the body has no rust and is straight- but before we put any more money into we want some opinions. It's a cool two door with enough of a back seat for the kids ..

Thanks in advance....

EricD in TN
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