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MAN, this has been a stressful day... We have got three different opinions from 3 people and are trying to make sense of it all. The tech that looked at the car and checked the compression says that it has an air leak in the intake manifold. That's what is causing the low compression in #6. He says that a top end overhaul will fix. He has given us an estitmate of $2000.00 - - We aren't sure if the car is worth keeping for that. So we talked to a guy that belongs to the local MB Club of American.. He says these cars are very reliable and the M110 motors are good motors and that the valves may need to adjusted before a compression check ?? He then referred to us another tech who said he wouldn't fix it.

So what's a guy to do? Would this be worth towing home and trying to do and learn on my own? Or would I be better letting them fix it? This is so frustrating... Advise is greatly appreciated- We are also thinking of parting it out. Thanks in advance....

EricD in TN
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