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Wm. Lewallen
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About insurance on our MBs; We have insurance with State Farm Insurance of Murfreesboro,TN. Have for over 50 years. We do not carry collision on any of them. Foolish to do so when the "newest one" is 18 years old. Here is what we pay:
1982 300D turbo:
Bodily injury/property damage liability $105.57
Personal injury protection $15.98
Comprehensive $21.25
Emergency road service $1.60
Total for 6mo.$154.87
We pay about the same for the other two MBs. This figure is for 6 months, so you can see we pay quite a bit for auto insurance. If we can save with someone else, let me know.
State Farm has been good to us.They have a claims office within 5 miles of our home. On the rare occasions when we have a comp. claim. We just drive the car in. The adjuster looks it over and if we agree, State Farm writes us a check for the damage. Like the time my daughter hit a deer with a 450SE.No hassle. State Farm paid. Their have been other occasions. I will await your reply.
Trivia question for all you trivia nuts. What is the only common word in the English langauge that has three consecutive double letters in its spelling? Example:
I am not a trivia fan myself.
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