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My car stalled again today while I was in the middle of a turn. Fortunately I could guide the car into a parking lot and not block the road. The weird thing is after the car stalls, the car always starts right back up. This happened twice friday and happened once more again today even though I thought that i fixed the problem friday by cleaning my battery terminals(white stuff on them ).

Besides the stalling, ive also noticed other problems with my car. It hesitates when accelerating and has a rough idle. Sometimes while driving or when accelerating from a stop it feels like it has no power for a second then it goes but it goes sluggishly.

What could be causing this? My mom has suggested that I take it in for a tune up. She said that her car (infiniti I30) did the same random stall thing for a while and the dealer fixed it by changing the oxygen sensor.
I am anxious to get the vehicle repaired because I dont really think its safe for me to drive or safe for others on the road because of it stalling randomly even while on the highway.

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