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First an answer from a "real" chemist. The corrosion proof bottles are usually made of Nalgene which is a variety of
polyethylene. There are bottles that are also made of Teflon that are really expensive. I've seen very expensive materials ($1000.00 Gram) shipped in alumnium bottles and at one time weighed out a sample from a 250 gram bottle, you do the math.
To add a little spice here can anyone remember that there were two types of antifreeze available? The permanent type- ethylene glycol based and the other which was based on methanol.
BTW when I was in graduate school in Indiana, one night it was getting real cold. One of the other chem grad students put a gallon of pure glycerin in his radiator to prevent it from freezing. I think at that time it was worth about $100.00 a gallon. Sure puts MB coolant to shame pricewise.
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