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I am in the process of selling my 300D and when I was showing it to a potential buyer tonight, he pointed out that there was a blue puddle underneath my car. After I looked over the situation it ended up being a $.90 grommet that was bad. If you have a slight leak of washer fluid, you may want to check these grommets out. They are on the two pumps, located on the side of the washer fluid resevoir. The two little pumps look like "D" batteries and the fluid resevoir has a recess cut out for each, you can't miss them. Simply pull out the pump (no tools need, just pull straight up, but not by the wire). Remove the old grommet, press the new grommet into the washer resevoir and then push in the pump.
What a time to have my car leak fluid. I guess she is just trying to mark her territory and does not want to be sold.
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