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Hi - - No we got what we got!! The people (Lowe's Auto Parts in Seymour, TN-DO NOT USE) had the car for 10 weeks and every other day would tell us that it will be "just another day to fine tune it". They finally relinquished the fact they could go no further with the car, told us it was probably something simple and asked us for another $1200.00 - - - We told them if it was indeed something simple then we would take to Knoxville Motor Company, let THEM tell us that and then pay the rest of the bill. Well to make a long story short- Knoxville Mercedes said that the oil pan was dented in and a few other things and they REALLY didn't want to fix it but said they would be happy to put a new $10,000 motor in it. :0 We contacted Lowe's Auto Parts (DO NOT USE THEM)- they got all mad and said they didn't have anyone to fix the car and they really didn't want it back. I said we really didn't want to pay them anymore money, so we cut our losses (he said he has more in the motor than $800.00) and parted ways (Not friends)...So we're pretty much stuck I guess...

We have thought we may just go ahead and get the top end overhaul done and PRAY that is all it needs. We are going to go and talk to the tech in the AM to have him answer some questions.. The scope on the engine was fine - he said the fuel distribution was fine and the ignition was okay too. The compression check showed that #6 was only at 75 pounds and the others were 145 to 155 (within normal?)- He also said that when they "blew air in it"(?) that it leaked and he figured it was a leaking air intake valve.

I think this goes way beyond what I can do in the driveway, my wife wanted to be able to drive the car, we both like it, I guess we're still stinging from the first burn. But if the motor is able to be fixed and fixed properly, then we really shouldn't have any other problems should we??

This board has been great and we are learning so much. Thanks for answering and I will keep you posted.

Eric D In TN
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