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I have posted my problem before. But I'll give a brief history. 1. Front brakes made pulsing noise (most evident while turning at freeway speeds). 2. took to Midas to get brake inspection. 3. Brake inspection showed one front rotor warped. 4. had both rotors turned and both wheel bearings repacked. 5. Seemed fine for about two thousand miles, then started making same noise again(slightly) pedal started to pulse(slightly). Just about this time it gets worse. I was planning to get it checked at a good shop. While driving home(luckily about 20mph) front left wheel bearing blew out. Took car to indie MB shop near house. Front wheel bearing seized up on spindle and blew out. I had a used spindle put on, new wheel bearing and new rotor. Car still made noise. Following week I took the car back to have the other wheel bearing and rotor replaced. Along with a new idler arm bushing. I told them to check the calipers. They said they apeared to be fine, but to take it back in 2 weeks to check for abnormal wear. I took the car back, but they couldn't tell yet. Come back in two more weeks. Since having new rotors, wheel bearings and Idler arm bushing, I have noticed that the steering wheel seems to vibrate back and forth very slightly. It's very subtle, but I feel it. Maybe even more when the car is cold. It just doesn't feel smooth. I jacked up the front and noticed that the driver side front wheel had less drag. The other side seemed to drag a little at spots. Could my new rotor be warping already? What could cause this? Is it the calipers? I'm taking the car back in a few days to let them check it out again. If I do need new front calipers, what would they cost? I have already submitted a request from Parts shop but I wont hear from them until tomorrow. Sorry for the very long story, but I thought the more history I provided the easier it would be to get help. Thant you for any help you could give. andy
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