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I came upon this thread at this point and had not read any of it previous to it's current length.

I have gotten into the antifreeze freezeout here before. I will say this, longstons comments in this thread and previous ones have made me think about my antifreeze choices of the future, however, I understand perfectly where Mr. Lewellen is coming from.

I have a '78 Ford 4X4 truck for a ranch truck. I bought it new in November '77. When it was brand new I added a little Nalcool to the radiator. I have changed the antifreeze only a couple of times in 23 years and have added Nalcool when I changed the antifreeze. The radiator and water pump are original. The radiator looks impeccably clean and corrosion free and has never made a trip to the radiator shop. The truck has had a zillion very short trips and has less than 90,000 miles.

Improvements have come to virtually everything automotive and otherwise over the years. Although I will probably start using extended life antifreeze next time it's due on any of my cars, I doubt that it will come from the MB dealer, but I wouldn't rule it out yet. With that said, I don't think my old ranch truck has proven anything bad about prestone and nalcool. I also realize that my very unscientific test in my old truck is in a vehicle with zero aluminum in the system.

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