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That mileage is incredible...if you do buy it with low mileage and have engine problems I can almost guarantee you MB will take care of you...they have helped people out up to about 75K or so with these cars .
Besides that the car may run 500K with no problems..these cars are very strange some people had problems..some have gone 250K with none..??...go figure...I can guarantee that an MB dealer would ask at least 30K for that car...and get it!!
In any case you can probably still get a warranty(which you will want on any me)Because the 140's have a few other problems that can cost some $$. But some of that is to be expected for a car that cost 72K new..why would expect replacement parts to be cheap?
In my opinion 140 was the best looking/driving Benz to date.
I am sure that car with 15K is a rare beauty...good luck!!

Warren Turner
1992 300SD 110K

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