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Your MB dealer will not guarantee anything.... a goodwill fix will have to come directly from the regional MB rep...but if you buy the car and have problems..I know of a few guys that have gotten MB to fix their cars or at least contribute 50% to a dealer fix(which is what you want on this car)....but the 140 cars are a dream...I have owned a 1985 300SD and 1992 300D..and the 140 is a great leap over these cars...smooth,fast,quiet,luxurious and last but not least...finally a great stereo
These 140 cars are a marvel...but at the same time are very complicated and required a more skilled hand and can be expensive to fix.....but what do you expect of a car that was $75-100K brand new...there are things on my car..such as the evaporator replacement..that I would not have trusted to many others than an MB dealer if for no other reason to have recourse with MB directly if I had further problems

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