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Tranny Troubles

Thanks Ted and Steve for your replies,

First off for Ted, I did adjust the valves last week and noticed some engine performance that wasn't there before. The injection pump drip test hasn't been done yet, emailed parts shop requesting a part number for the drip tube but that was several days ago and haven't gotten a reply as of yet. Will ensure that the test gets done though. Could see how this would impact performance overall.
Steve, there is linkage that crosses over the valve cover to the passenger side then down along the side of the block to what seems like the front of the tranny. The throttle linkage looks pretty basic to me, one rod going to the injection pump, one crossing over the valve cover to follow along side of the block to the tranny.
Steve, by your input I am to assume that this is a linkage shift tranny only? What adjustments can be made to it in order for the shift pattern to be corrected, if any?

Thanks You guys for your input

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