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Larry hit the nail on the head.

Franchise operations like Midas cater to the Chevy, Ford, Dodge crowd. Another thing they do is quote a seemingly better than avg. price for the pads/shoes, then add on a fee for "hardware". Recently they quoted me $27.00 for the 4 small pad retaining clips used on an Accord. Pads were $39.00.

The Honda dealer sold me the entire kit for about $5.00 less than Midas wanted. Ended up doing the work myself.

In a recent post, Steve Brotherton indicated there was value in after-market rotors; however, OEM pads were the way to go(Pagid, Jurid, Textar).

As already stated, the difference in price between turning rotors and replacing is slim.

Order the parts from PartsShop and do the work yourself.

By the way, I mean no offense to those of you who drive American cars. There appears to be more of them and I believe this is what the franchisers focus on.
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