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Thank You, Larry Bible...

Those kind words were validation of part of what I think we are all trying to achieve by posting our comments on this forum in the first place. And that is to simply get each other to THINK about our choices for our cars.

The whole point of this forum to to have numerous opportunities to both receive information from and offer assistance to one another. I would like to hope that where actual knowledge is absent, research is brought to bear, and that it is the fruits of that research that we bring to this forum.

It is always nice when we acknowledge and appreciate the amount of time and work someone puts into doing research on this and other subjects that we respond to on these forums.

You see, it's not about trying to "be right", or to force anyone to change their mind. All anyone can ask is that we all take the time to read what has already been posted on this subject. In both this and the past threads, consider the validity of the points made, do our own research, and then make our OWN informed decision. Just as I have.

As far as Bill's comments about the article in "The Star", I thought we weren't supposed to mix oil with antifreeze/coolant.

Seriously, the one point that struck me was that of the restrictions Mercedes puts on any company that wants to test their products in Mercedes vehicles. It only served to reinforce what Ross was saying about Mercedes engineering.

And as regards the antifreeze/coolant that bears the Mercedes-Benz nameplate, that is a proprietary product manufactured solely for Mercedes, and has nothing to do with the point of the article written for "The Star".

Finally, there was an old expression that originated in the 1960's or '70's. It went like this: "Don't knock it til you try it".
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