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Ok's the headache of the day:

The car is a 92 400E. After sitting at idle for an hour in the school parking lot today, she started running really rough. The temp was sitting in the 80-120 range (HOT for a mild day). Anyway...the fan wasn't on. I gave it some gas for about a minute to see if it would smooth out. As soon as I gave it gas, it smoothed out, and temp dropped to 80. I let the gas go, and the car sputtered and died. So I think, "Uh oh." I tried to start it again to no avail about 5 times. Then I put throttle half way down and tried again, it started. After it started, I let off the gas. RPM's jumped around from 0-2000 for about 5-6 seconds then it sputtered and died again. I gave it half throttle again and held it after it started, keeping RPM's around 2000-3000 for a good 30 seconds. Temp was around 80. It seemed to run ok but I could feel the slight roughness. I let off the gas, and within 30 seconds temp climbed between 80-120, RPM's jumped, she sputtered and died. All this time, I never heard the fan come on like it usually does around 80.

I own a Body Shop/Garage so after school I'm going to attempt to make it there. (It's close and I won't let it overheat.) I am going to trouble shoot with ALLDATA. But, I am still in the dark as to what to check. What can be causing this???? Now...I know I need wires, caps, and rotors because I checked them last week and they were corroded. I don't think this is the problem though because I don't think that would cause the car to get hot. Could it be a bad fan switch or thermostat causing it to get hot, and the computer shutting the car down? Or could it be electrical, like the alternator or battery freaking out the computer. The check engine light isn't on so I don't suspect any sensors. Basically...I don't know where to start...HELP!!!

Thanks a lot guys...lets see if we can't knock this out!

Peter Balias
1992 400E
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