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Wm. Lewallen
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Scott,and others,
I would never mix oil and antifreeze. Nor would I mix any additives to the antifreeze or oil in my cars. The only thing I mix with the diesel fuels, is a product that inhibits fungi growth in diesel fuel.
As for the antifreeze recommended for use in Mercedes, I will admit that it is good stuff. So is the other antifreeze made by Valvoline. And Shell, Texaco, Amoco, BP, Exxon and all the other companies.
Since Valvoline's Glysantin G05 and their Zerex are the same color, should we suspect that if the truth be known they are in fact the same product? Have any of you ever been in a plant where they bottled products? They may bottle the product of many different labels. The filling operation doesn't stop to make changes for each different brand. The bottles with the different label is changed. It would be too costly to shut down and change for each different brand. They (the differnt brands) are all filled from the same tank. This may be called Business Economics 101.
Have you noticed that Advanced Auto antifreeze is the same color as Prestone. Same labels on the back, but different labels on the front. They seem to sell a lot of their ADV brand. I must admit that I use it and with no guilt feelings for shuning the Mercedes product.
Bill Lewallen Lexington,Ky. Home of Ashland Oil's Valvoline; maker of Zerex and Glysantin G 05.
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