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Well I am proud to say that I got my 79 280CE home and did a valve adjustment on it. It did improve the idle some and it definately sounds better than it did. The throttle however is still unresponsive. It's like it bogs down when you give it gas. There seems to a "bushing" against the firewall that the "rod" for lack of correct terminology comes out of but there is a lot of play there. Does this need to be replaced? Also would the cold start valve have anything to do with this??

There is an exhaust manifold leak that we are going to fix. Funny, it's near the back where #6 is.

Oh and ONE MORE THING - - - - The fuel lines from the side of the block (right & left) are REVERSED!!!??? Could this also cause my wild idle problem. Can you believe those &*^%*($@*(%^&%)@ dingdongs but this in backwards...

Hey, this almost getting to be fun and funny. Thanks for all the advice and please keep it coming. I'll either emerge victorius OR be taken away by those really nice men in those pretty white coats... hahahehe
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