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Thanks for the response. In further checking, we found the #2 cylinder drops out at precisely 2000 RPM. We replaced the distributor cap, the plug wire, and the Plug then grounded the plug to the engine and miraculously watched while the plugged fired until the engine approached 1800 RPM at which time it began to fire intermittently, and then at 2000 RPM the plug just quit firing at all. As the engine revved above 2000 RPM, it began to fire intermittently, but the engine struggled to gain RPM. We also noted that while the engine clearly stumbled its way to what had to be 3000+ rpm, the tach never read above 2200 inside the car.

Frustrated and confused, we closed shop and stumpbled all the way home.

To my surprise, Monday morning I awoke and hesitantly decided to drive the car to work and then afterward go to the shop to investigate further. The car has not stumbled since and I cannot for the life of me tell why. Until the phenomena returns, I will continue to happily & yet,hesitantly motor on.

Thanks again

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