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Let me prefaace this by saying that 1. I am not a tech nor mechanically inclined, and 2. I feel your frustration, as I get hot under the collar when something on my car isn't 100%.

There was a TSB for this car when I recently purchased mine, and it covered this insulated (I think) relay that was responsible for sending power to the fans you refer. It is located on the drivers side near the front of the engine bay under the alarm system "horn". It is a little white piece and is susceptible to "frying" itself out.

When I purchased mine I had it replaced before this happened and when my mechanic removed it, it looked horrible. I'm not sure if it even worked, but had no overheating problem. But this was supposedly a culprit for overheating problems.

I hope this may help, and not merely cloud the diagnosing process.

Keep us posted on what you find, this is good info to have.

Dsantos, Thank you for posting the part number, I'll include in my folder of info for future use.

Take care,
Brian W.
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