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Greetings AMUL

As posted in the previous post this is apparently a linkage problem between the engine and tranny. If I shift manually from S to L to D everything seems to be fairly proper shifting wise, although the shift from 2nd to 3rd seems a bit fast and it can't be controlled simply because once you move the selector to L it shifts both 2nd and 3rd gears, waiting for you to move it to D for 4th. The speed difference between 2nd and 3rd is only 7-10 MPH if that, and it's begging to be shifted to 4th around 40-45MPH. The problem at this point is how to adjust the linkage so it shifts down to 1st gear when stopped and somehow delaying the shift from 2nd to 3rd to keep the RPM's up before going into 4th. I'd also like it to downshift automatically from 4th to 3rd while asending a hill, without dropping the pedal to the downshift switch. There's got to be a way to adjust the tranny to respond as it should. Seeing as it's a mechanical linkage, how's it adjusted.


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