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What A Great Story...

And you tell it so well!

It kind of reminds me of the one I heard about how the Kennedy brothers are living with Marilyn Monore, JFK Jr., and his wife & wife's sister, Nicole Simpson, Mary Jo Kopechne, Amelia Earhart, The now grownup Lindberg baby, Elvis, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, and Jim Morrison, on an exclusive private estate located on a highly classified, top secret, uncharted island guarded by black helicopters in the South Pacific that's being run by Jimmy Hoffa, using a staff of zombie Bigfoots for slave labor, while both being kept alive and supplied by the airbase aliens from Area 51. But don't tell Art Bell that I ever mentioned it....

BILL! We all need a vacation now and then. But when your plane gets back from "Fantasy Island" perhaps you could supply us with some factual information derived directly from Valvoline? Thanks, I'd appreciate it!

After all, you do live in "Lexington, Ky. Home of Ashland Oil's Valvoline; maker of Zerex and Glysantin G 05."

THIS IS HUMOR, PEOPLE! This is not intended to be a slight on Mr. Wm. Lewallen, or to be in any way disrespectful to him, or intended to riducule him, or any one mentioned in this posting, whether living, dead, factual, or fictional! OK? If anyone is offended in any way, I will both humbly apologize and immediately delete this message, Mr. Phelps...

News Update! I have looked all over the area where I live for a trace of ZEREX and can't find any except at the Walmart. The Manager of their automotive department advises me that he has been told by the head office that Walmart will be discontinuing the sale of ZEREX antifreeze/coolant, and all stock left at their stores will be sold at a major discount.

Hummmm, maybe Bill IS on to something, after all... Now, where did I write down that phone number for Art Bell?
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