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Old 02-28-2001, 09:34 AM
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I have a W126 280se 1985 with KA-JETRONIK fuel injection.
I rebuild the whole engine and all marks are aligned like they should
Bud it refuses to run…
I have tried everything, it is getting fuel, and getting spark,
seems like it is getting not enough fuel, or not enough spark?
I can get it to spit and sputter bud that’s all!
Maybe the fuel injection? How can I test it? Does anyone have any ideas where I should be looking?
This car ran perfect until the rebuild and one time it just wouldn't start..
There is a screw on top (allen 3 mm) to affine the richness, what is the initial position of that screw, a guy who pretended to know, F….it up, so maybe..

Please HELP!!!

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