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Thanks guys...those replies answered my question!

MBDOC: that's the switch located just to the right of the round 4 pole switch right? there's 3 switches in a row. Far left is a 1 pole switch (I figure this is the Coolant Temp Gauge switch), next is the round 4 pole (engine management), and far right is the 2 pole (I think this is it?). Anyway..if thats the one, the plastic is brittle and the wires are corroded to hell, just like the rest of the wiring harness.

Benzmac: Fans aren't comming on at all, A/C or no A/C. I saw the resistor on my ALLDATA printout but never really looked for it on the car. I suspected this is a cause. ALLDATA just told me it was located lower right front engine compartment (lots of help!!!) yeah right. Anyway....I'm going to check that tonight. The relay in the fuse box is good, I even took it apart and cleaned the contacts inside it.

By the way...I caught the fans comming on for a short period last night, but only once, then they shut down and the car overheated again. The car only overheats in stop/go traffic and while at idle, as the main engine fan seems to be fine. Thats why I'm thinking the problem is a darn short in the wiring harness.

Again, thanks for EVERYONES i/p. If anyone has any other suggestions PLEASE let me know. I will be taking it to the dealer next week to start my ******|ng process for a free harness!

Peter Balias
1992 400E
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