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It is much harder than you may think. Yes, taking off the skin of the door is one of the hard parts. However, depending on your experience. It may not be a job not recommended for a amateur DIY. It took me awhile to figure out the regulator to work with the teeth of the motor. Make sure all the mounts are secure and lubricate with synthetic grease on all railing as well as the teeth. There is a small casing that you can put all the grease for the teeth. I used the same grease as the regulator. Used half a very small bottle of Vaseline. At the very least, you should manuals not the forum on advice. It took me 5 hours after I took off the skins of the inside of the door. You might also want to use some duck tape or strong tape to hold up the window. It does not usually come down but, since you do so much wiggling. It may come down if,you're doing it alone. I did this with my 560 SEL.
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