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Thanks for all the replies.

I got the door skin off using the paper manuals I have. I wish I had the 124 engine manual, which I would purchase if anyone has one.

I got the window free from the regulator track and it fell down into the door. Drats, took me 20 minutes to get it back up. It is now wedged in place with a screwdriver, which is being held level by two strings of packing twine tied to the handle, which have the other ends wrapped around a different window motor bolt, and are being held in place with the nuts against the inner door skin. I bet that is not how they do it in body shops, but there you go.

I ordered the regulator from FastLane, about $125, with motor. For those that have never seen their window regulator work, it has a rail sticking straight up through the inner part of the door, and attached to the rail is a small horozontal tray that holds the window. The motor is bolted to the inner front of the door, and has two pieces of cable that attach to the tray. One cable goes over the top of the rail and down to the tray, and the other goes under the rail, and up to the tray. When I would roll the window up and it would catch about 1 in from the top, I could see the top cable go taught, while the lower cable went slack, so I am guessing that something broke in the regulator post that was blocking the movement of the tray beyond that point.

I managed to snap both cables while I was trying to get the window back up, so I really DO need a new regulator now.

93 400e
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