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Wm. Lewallen
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Scott and others,
I just got back from my Fantasy Island trip, and sorry to say, it was not too good of a trip. Their were a bunch of people, especially one, hawking a magical product for their auto cooling system that was supposed to do wonders for their cars. But the people wouldn't listen to them. With 80% of US car owners using the Pee-Green Stuff, the people wondered why the Green Stuff could be so bad. Me too.
I have rebuilt somewhere between 40-50 MB engines over the past 34 years. All had the Green Stuff in them when I removed the engine and drained the coolant. None of them showed any harmfull effects from using the Green coolant.
The word with three consecutive double letters is:
The item the engineers chose as the best improvment to the automobile since it's introduction was THE ELECTRIC STARTER.
Now that is one thing I will agree to.
One more thing. I did check with the Wal-Mart near me(we have two in Lexington) about their selling Zerex antifreeze. They do plan to stop selling it. The automotive parts manager didn't know why but said they didn't sell too much of it. It was on sale for $6.49/gal. Prestone was selling for$6.60/gal.The manager said Prestone outsold Zerex by a wide margin. He wasn't sure how much but he said it was a lot. I wonder why? It certainly couldn't be the price.By the way, I did not buy any of the cheap Zerex. I have plenty of Prestone on hand. With that said, I will now leave you, and hope to meet again as friends.
Bill Lewallen Lexington, Ky. Where the turbos whine in the bluegrass.
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