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I have had a minor leak that has gotten worse lately in the automatic transmission of my 1988 300E for a while now. I have been keeping an eye on the fluid level (at least I thought.) Earlier on last night, the tranny was shifting fine. Then when I came out later the tranny would stick in 2nd gear. It would shift down to 1st but would not shift into 3rd. Reverse works with a slight delay as it did before. I ended up towing it home as I was afraid to drive it a long distance. I checked the fluid and the level looked high, so I siphoned some out, and the fluid looked dark. I replaced the fluid and filter about 6000kms ago or about 3-4 months ago. This is driving me crazy. Any ideas. I was prepared to drop the tranny and replace the front seal where the leak was coming from, but now I think my problems are more major and I am not a transmission mechanic
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