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Re: actuator

Originally posted by Uncle Acky
What year/model car is it?

Is it repaired?

From what I understand the remote entry unit is wired in series with the wire from your lock actuator. Any damage from improper wiring would possibly cause damage right away but probably wouldn't work properly at all.

A properly installed unit would not cause problems.

Do you know what happened to cause the actuator to fail?

Are you sure the actuator is faulty?

Hello Uncle Acky,

My car is a 1995 C36 AMG. It came with an alarm system but no keyless entry.

The problem was my vacuum unit. I don't know if it was just coincidence or if it had something to do with the Viper alarm installation, but the vacuum unit failed.

I had my mechanic replace this and then had the Viper alarm re-connected by the audio shop. This time I had them disable the autolocking feature with the ignition. The keyless and alarm have been working great (knock on wood) for over 6 months now.
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