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My old star was corroded and peeling chrome - the only finish blemish on the car when I bought it. The MB dealer let me watch when they pulled the pin, which causes the whole thing to loose tension. The new star was a "twist this after it is in the hole to lock it in place, not before" item. I have played with the old star a bit, actually ran some 12 gauge electrical wire down in under the loop that had previously held the pin, and managed to pull it back through to secure it again (I like the spring tension on the old one better than on the replacement - a little weak on the new one). Anyway, I tried securing the loop in place with a section of coat hanger wire - bent it immediately! That is one strong spring. I finally secured it with a section of nail. So, yes, it can be reassembled, but only with difficulty. (They designed it on the grenade school of engineering - pull the pin and toss it .)

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