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I've owned this 140,000 mile 190E 2.3 (my first MB) for about 4 months and I'm begining to see signs that she may have had a rough life. I've been watching the posts and tried the search function, but haven't seen my questions asked.

1) My car disposes of oil rapidly. It does not appear to leak. It definitely smokes and the exhaust even left a bit of a stain on my driveway, while I let it run to warm up on a cold morning. I'm guessing there is no cheap fix for that. When driving a highway speeds with a window down the smell of exhaust is strong in the cabin. I discovered a length of garden hose that appears to run from under the air filter and down into the exhaust manifold. I asked the old geezer I bought the car from and he said a local mechanic added a "blow by" for him to help vent fumes away from the cabin. ??? I didn't get into it furter, but I assume he is talking about burning oil. The car has plenty of power, and starts admirably. I haven't seen smoke in the air filter.

2) The water pump is extremely noisy. The car seems to want to overheat when left to idle. This is disturbing because it is about 15 degrees here. WHen summer comes, I'm sunk.

3) Should a competent mechanic who is inexperienced with Mercedes be able to repair my car, if given access to the proper resources?

4) Should the trunk unlock along with the doors?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Darrell Rodgers
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