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I Wish We Could Just...

Combine all of these antifreeze threads. All of this jumping around is making my legs tired,

For interested parties, the most information on this subject (at 63 posts) is here: Coolant RED vs. GREEN and the most up to date facts are here: Corrosion/Coolin Sys. Q? and now, of course, where you are.

FowVay (the German pronunciation of VW) ist Korrect! Mercedes Benz antifreeze is manufactured in Europe by BASF, that holds the trademark and patents on the Glysantin G 05 corrosion inhibitor. A few years ago, BASF USA decided that they weren't going to make antifreeze anymore, so they licensed the manufacturing to Ashland Oil, who owns Valvoline, and Zerex. All Mercedes antifreeze now sold in the USA is manufactured by Valvoline.

Go to : click on products, then use the "choose product category" pull down menu. Select "cooling systems products" and then click on the "Technical Bulletin" button.

Also read this article:


There is an article being prepared by Cool Profit$ Magazine on Dexcool, and the preliminary information I have is that it is causing all kinds of problems in the GM cars that it was designed for!
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