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Hello Everyone...

Be careful when purchasing Euro Lights. I was about to bid on a pair on Ebay, but they were not listed as Bosch or Hella. So I email the seller and ask him what brand they were because if I'm going to spend that kinda money, I want quality. Well he told me they were TYC and in same if not better quality than Bosch or Hella. He also told me TYC is a German company that makes these lights for Mercedes only. Bullcrap! TYC is a company based in Taiwan (TYC Brother Industrial Co., LTD) I have 2 bodyshops of my own. I have used TYC lights before, and they ARE NOT anywhere near the quality of American headlamps! Tell me can they be comparable to German lights???????? YEAH RIGHT!!! For instance on a chevy truck headlight: the TYC reflector is not completely silver, it's part white. Also, the lens itsel is different, AND the housing has drain pipes that the factory lights dont! Plus, the housing is shaped slightly different, and they rarely fit right. The major difference is the beam pattern though! TYC beam pattern is horrible, it's not centered to where it's supposed to be centered. Anyway...before I write a novel, take this home with you: Unless you realllllly can't spare the extra change (Come on, your MERCEDES is worth it!), buy Hella or Bosch. Don't let anyone fool you, aftermarket is almost never the same quality as OEM.

...just my word of caution to my fellow MB owners...

Peter Balias
1992 400E
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