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'Reminds me of a situation several years ago when I was inspecting a house; seller was trying to tell buyer (my client) that roof covering was SLATE. I finally had to tactfully break into their conversation & try to explain to them that the roof covering was NOT SLATE, though it looks like slate to some people, it is CEMENT/ASBESTOS (man-made during 30's & 40's) - not even near slate quality, etc.
Isn't it amazing the way people become convinced that they have the "real thing"?

Friend (PO of my 81 300D) had been in hospital several years ago. Couple of days before he was coming home, I called his wife & asked her if I should check/drive, etc., his car. While I was there, she asked me to remove the worn sheepskin cover from the driver's seat & replace it with a new one she had purchesed. New one would not fit & was some sort of imitation/synthetic, etc. Friend's wife swore it was sheepskin. Again, I had to very tactfully and carefully tell her that what she had bought was not sheepskin.

Yes, indeed, be careful making a purchase to determine if you're getting the "real" thing.
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