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Sorry about the long post, but please take the time to read this as I really could use the help of people with more experience on this issue:

I am posting this to see what rights I have as an insured person whose car was wrecked and repaired poorly - the workmanship was very shoddy. Some of you may remember my posts last summer about the wreck, but I will go over the whole fiasco again. On June 1, the car was hit on the right side and caused extensive damage. We took the car to Eweing ******** in Plano, Texas which turned out to be a disaster. The insurnace adjuster estimated about $7000 of damage which later jumped to $15,000 when they got into the repairs. An entire new rear quarte panel, subframe, right rear door, among others things were replaced on the car as well as most of the new interior dash. Anyhow, ******** had the from about early June to October 24 which is when they returned the car with poor workmanship - ie: the doors had huge gaps and wouldn't close right and there were gaps wider than manufacturer's allowance in many of the body panels like the trunk and bumper were mis-alinged. Subsequently, the car was retunred and I later got it back about a month later with shoddy repairs. At this point (over the holidays) the insurance company (Progressive Insurance) as a recourse offered to let one of their chosen body shops (Caliber Collision) to repair the car again - they fixed the doors and made them better, but widened the gap between the B-pillar and got all the compound off the car and it even on the inside of the car.

I have kept the car since getting it back from Caliber Collission, but the worst part of having the car repaired was it looked great from far away, but up close and inside literraly (because the trunk was leaking water and rusting in the spare tire well). Moving along now, the car still (sigh) has problems, which I was determined to diagonose and I removed the rear bumper to find out where the water was coming in from.


-the trunk leaks water through the holes where the bumper mounts to car frame and in hole in and around the spare tire well area, there was surface rust everywhere especially around battery and the climate control device (i think that is what it is?) the right of the battery, and there was rust on the wires around the batter

-the radio was shorting out, probably from moisture and water on or near the wires

-there is a hole in the yellow vacuum lines in the right rear of the trunk I assume becuase that is where work was performed, and the master vaccum device back there keeps humming trying to correct for leak

-trunk lid is too high on right side

-doors still don't close right

-also, welds weren't finished off in the trunk area correctly (now how the f*** does a legitimate MB body shop not know to do that?)

Well, my mom pays 1400 dollars a month to have our vehicles insured and this entire fiasco is an abomination. I feel I have been victimized by the insurance company and Eweing Authaus at the same time. The adjuster from the insurance company should have totalled the car if it couldn't be repaired right and I'm thinking the B-pillar may be warped since doors won't line up right. And Ewing Autohuas' operation is a travesty - honestly, they are the most pathetic Mercedes Benz dealership we have ever run across.

In conclusion, I asking the knowledgeable people of this board, what to do considering my situation and how many body shops its been too. Also important, is Progresive said my only option is to have Eweing ******** repair their shoddy work since we got to take the car wherever we wanted to instead of place they reccomended. I have an appointment on Monday the 5th of March to take the car back into Eweing ******** and I have spoken with the body shop manager about the entire situation and he resorts to excuses for all his workamsnip that I know in all honesty is downright pathetic.

I honestly believe I'm getting "screwed" here, and I really don't know what to do. I shouldn't have to settle for a shoddily repaired car thats a disgrace to the Mercedes name, the work ethic of the body shop, and a tribute to how poorly an insurance company can estimate and determine the necessary repairs to a vehicle. My mom has thought of threatening the body shop with a lawsuit or reporting them to BBB. Also, I called Paul Hayata of MBUSA and left him a voicemail about this. Anyhow, please advise on my best options and what to do.

Much thanks,
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