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Camber setting on 97 C230K

Hi Guys ...

Yeah ... I may have some problems here .. I bought a second hand C230K, have had it for more then a year and noticed that my front left tyre was wearing unevenly. I took it in for allignment and got a reading of +0deg37' for the camber on the Left front tyre. The spec range is -1deg22' to -0deg42'.

Clearly this is my problem as the tyre has got positive camber when it should have negative camber. The wheel balance guys tell me that the camber is not adjustable on these cars. Is this true and what can I do about this ??

Returning the car is not an option and I need to determine if this is a severe problem and whether it can be fixed. I have noticed a very slight pull to the left which I had never really paid any attention to in the past.

Any comments or suggestions would be most welcome ...
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