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OK....have PATIENCE, this is long!

Advice From a body shop owner:

If the lines stillll don't match up and gaps stilllll are to big, then the Q-Panel wasn't welded on right. I am assuming the shop has tried to adjust the trunk and doors, but they are probably adjusted all the way. What does that tell you? Q-Panel wasn't put on right. Considering the LIST of problems you have, it sounds to me like the whole job was done poorly. Was this body shop a dealer? I know this might sound biased because I own a private shop, but the dealer really sucks. Customer satisfaction sucks because 1 customer for them isn't going to make or brake them. Follow me? Anyway...this is what I would do: Tell the insurance company that you are not pleased, the situation is ridiculous,it has gone on too long, and threaten to serve them with attorney's papers if they don't correct the problem asap. YOU SHOULD NOT have to start working on your car to fix the SHOP'S problems. State Farm, Allstate, Farmers, Progressive, and a few others were hit with a huge lawsuit recently because of this and the fact they were authorizing repairs with AFTERMARKET parts when they should have been OEM!!! Don't be surprised if the dealer installed an aftermarket Q-Panel on your car. (Don't think the dealer wont do this...they do!) I promise you the last thing Progressive wants/needs is a law suit, and the problem will get taken care of.

About a month ago, State Farm called me and told me they were sending me a customer that had a problem with the dealer, and State Farm was going to cover all charges to correct the problem. I said ok, and a 2001 Accord came in. At first it looked fine. The customer told me he was hit in the Q-Panel, he took it to the dealer, and 3 MONTHS later he got it back and it looked bad. The dealer and the insurance company told the owner they replaced the Q-Panel. So we looked at the car. Upon inspection, I saw Bondo-Scratches and dents in the Q-Panel in question. I went in the trunk, pulled back the carpet, and was disgusted as to what I saw. On the inside of the Q-Panel, there were about 40 small drilled holes with dried bondo oozing through. Well, they didn't change the Q-Panel, and lied to the customer about it. I sent State Farm an estimate for about 2700 to replace the Q-Panel and blend the paint on all the adjacent panels. They paid for it no questions asked. After tearing down the Dealers work, we found more screw-up's. Obviously this was a "lets-make-the-most-profit-we-can-by-using-crappy-workmanship" kind of job. We did the work in 2 weeks, and it came out very beautiful. The customer sent us, as well as a local news station a letter of gratitude. We are now his top shop. Lesson to be learned: I will make more money off of that customer in the future (from him, his friends, family, etc.) than I would have EVER made by doing a disgusting job like that the dealer did to save some money.

Anyway...getting back on subject!

Troy...I would ask around and find a different, reputable shop in your area. If you cant, find one in another area. Progressive, or the other shop, will pay to have the problem fixed. DO NOT settle for taking your car back to the same place. Make it clear with Progressive you will not do that. 1 of 2 things are going to happen with your car: Either it WILL get fixed right, or Progressive will total it. Just stay on top of it, and be prepared to get an attorney if necessary. You do not drive a Saturn, Troy. You drive a Mercedes and you should be treated as so. Please let us know what happens...
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