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93 300E 3.2L- hesitation only at cold- daily

I have a 93 300E with a 3.2L (122K). For quite some time I had an issue with the engine almost stalling at every stop sign and red light. The RPM's would drop from 1000 to 500 and the engine would shudder- it never stalled, but acted as though it was going to. Based on the reccomendation of this site- I replaced the Mass Air Flow sensor, and it corrected the problem 100%. Thanks.

Now I have a strange issue- every morning when I start the car, it idles fine until I put it in reverse or drive. It shutters as though it will stall- but only one time. After I accelerate the first time, it will not repeat again. At every red light/ stop sign, the car is running smooth as could be.

Previous to the Mass Air, I also replaced the fuel filter, plugs and air filter.

Any suggestions?

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