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OEM vs Aftermarket parts

I'm getting to the point where I only want to buy Mercedes OE parts, they really seem to be better. For example four recent examples:
1. The oil filter thread that is going on now.
2. I purchased an aftermarket throttle pedal for my SDL. It had a cheap ball that the throttle rod went into it seemed like a poor design. Well it broke and I ended up going to the dealer to get an OE one that was designed better. Aftermarket cost me $12 dealer $15.
3. The Mercedes serp. belts seem to be made a lot better than the Gates I have on their now. My friend has 147k miles on his original belt!
4. The Mercedes hoses, oil cooler and power steering lines seem to be of much higher quality than aftermarket versions.

My point is OEM parts don't seem to cost much more but they seem to be so much better. I'm to the point where I only want OEM stuff.
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