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280 SEL Failed Emissions Test High NOx

The car is Gray market. I do not have the emission records from 2 years ago and it does not have an emission label anywhere engine compartment or door panel.
I removed the EGR valve and it is stuck closed indicating no recirculation. There is a sensor mounted in the head with two vacuum ports one goes to the EGR valve one to the switchover valve on the fender well. I think the EGR valve is supposed to open via the temp controlled sensor after the engine is warm to allow recirculation of exhaust gases, I am not sure of the operation of the switchover valve. I only have a Chiltons Manual. I will try to clean and free up the EGR valve and test the vac diaphragm. The car has a cat converter but I am not sure if it is working or what type it is. Do you guys think repairing the EGR valve will reduce the NOx levels the amount I need, 3312 down to 1121?
Thanks very much for the help.
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