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If the car has power, the valve seals probably need to be replaced. The oil is being sucked down through the valve guide throgh the seals and burned. It is a common problem. It is not that expensive to do or have done. There should not be a garden hose on anything in the engine compartment. It will not last very long at all. The engine heat will destroy it quickly.
On the problem in the cooling system, remove the thermostat and test it by boiling it in hot water. It should open before the water boils, if you have a thermometer check the tempature that it opens. I think the factort thermostat opens at 185 F.
You can chech the water pump by grasping the water pump pully and check for freeplay ( a mild rocking in the shaft). Generally if you feel movement at all the water pump bearing is on the way out soon.
You should try to get an owners manual for the car either here is the classifieds, on EBAY.
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