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Yes, a stuck closed EGR valve can signficantly increases NOx because it's essentially uncontrolled, so if you can get the system operating properly there's a decent chance that NOx will drop below the limit.

Your HC is a little high, but CO is low, so your mixture is okay and the converter appears to still have some effectiveness. The hotter the converter the more effective it is, so make sure the car is fully warmed up and the converter good and hot before it's tested.

I CA I recommend drive through emission test stations. Go to one that has a short or no line with the car good an hot, and keep it running at 1500-2000 before you hand it over to the tech. The M103 engines and some other KE-equipped engines have been tagged "high emitter profile" and many are on the ragged edge or marginally fail, so "managing" your test and "conditioning" is important. My data indicates that the converter can cool off significantly after a few minutes of idling.


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