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well i have had both

I have had 2 116 SD a 1982 300d a 1985 300d non turbo, euro import. The 116 has got to be one of the best highway cars ever built and I can pull a u turn while parked against the curb without hitting the other curb. I loved my 82 300d turbo because it fit me well was show room clean and was my first MBZ. The euro non turbo is fun it will light them up off the line has a way better AC system and interior than the us models but it feels light and kind of cheap. It is really a matter of how big you are the SD is very large inside no problem for a 6ft 5 350 pound guy. I am 6ft 1 220 and I feel kind of small in it. If itís around town the 300d wins on the highway the SD has it hands down just my 2 cents.
Dave S
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