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I agree with everyone, get a lawyer, and not only have him serve papers to the Body shop, but have him serve papers to the insurance company.

I would also think it would not be a bad idea to report both the insurance company and the body shop tot he BBB. A Mark on their BBB Record will also make them look bad.

Every person you speak with, take down every bit of info you can on the conversation, what was said, who you spoke with, who their supervisor is, what was promised, what was delivered, document everything.

Take pictures of the car before yout ake it back, Take pictures of another car that is perfect, take pictures of cars currently in their shop, get as much information and evidence as possible.

I would keep bugging them, keep hounding them, and keep threatening them.

Get a hold of the owner of the body shop, and explain to him that you are consulting with your attorney, and will be serving him papers. And make sure you make it clear that they will be held responsible for not only the proper repair of the car, but also any rental charges, and All attorneys fees, court costs, and everything else.

I feel bad that you have been ripped off, its shops like the one you described that makes other people think all shops that do repairs are crooked.

I would consult with an attorney who handles these cases all the time, I would even try to get him to show up at the body shop to talk with the manager. I would also see if the attoryney wants to hire a detective to investigate the shop, and catch them doing something they should not be doing.

I would also contact your local news media, the newspaper, news astations and all, and try to see if they are willing to expose the fraudulent body shop, and attach with it, progressives name.

The last thing the bodyshop and progressive want besides being sued for much more than it would cost them to fix it right, is to be bashed by the media.

I would also go to another insurance company and get insured by a different company other than progressive, and I would tell everyone youknow who uses progressive ot mention your story to them and then change to another carrier.

If it was me, thats what I would do. I would go to the ends of the earth until I was satisfied.

If the Insurance company wants to total the car after the fact, then you will have to make them give you full value for the car, because thats what it will cost you to replace it.

And what about all your hard work and modifications you have done? What about your compensation for your loss of time, headaches dealing with it, etc etc. All this is worth money, and a good attorney can probably not only get your car fixed, but get you money for pain and suffering.

Yes you read that correct. All of this is emotionally messing with you. If you are losing sleep over this, getting upset, angry, and stressed out, then this is also affecting you medically, and you need to be compensated for that too.

Don't give up, stand your ground, and make them do the job right.

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